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Chlamydomonas Research Pages

This is a list of home pages of Chlamy researchers. Please help us by supplying your own links, or changes of URL, addresses, etc., and by reporting broken links. We've flagged some pages that offer additional information, diagrams, or other features beyond just a brief research description and list of publications. If you revise or extend your page, please let us know so that we can add the new information to the link.

Ellen Baker at the University of Nevada, Reno

Graham Bell at McGill University

Christoph Benning at Michigan State University

Bob Bloodgood at the University of Virginia
movies of gliding motility and microsphere movement

Malcolm Campbell at Davidson College
page on purification of Chlamy isocitrate dehydrogenase, a student project at Davidson

Doug Cole at the University of Idaho

Bill Dentler at the University of Kansas

Susan Dutcher at Washington University

Charlene Forest at Brooklyn College of CUNY

Maria Ghirardi at NREL

Ursula Goodenough at Washington University
The Goodenough lab has an extensive site, with links to basic information on Chlamy and photographs of the lab personnel

Govindjee at the University of Illinois
includes some very useful teaching material on photosynthesis

Arthur Grossman at the Carnegie Institution

Peter Hegemann at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin

Sigrid Jacobshagen at Western Kentucky University

Jon Jarvik at Carnegie Mellon University

Carl Johnson at Vanderbilt University

Karl Johnson at Haverford College

Laura Keller at Florida State University

Steve King at the University of Connecticut Health Center
This page includes an excellent model of the outer dynein arm and additional material on dynein light chains and the Tctex1 complex; also see the fluorescence microscopy images.

Mike Kuchka at Lehigh University

Bob Lee at Dalhousie University

Pete Lefebvre at the University of Minnesota

Wallace Marshall at UCSF

Steve Mayfield at UC San Diego

Michael Melkonian at the University of Cologne
laboratory page on cell biology and algal research

Sabeeha Merchant at UCLA

Laurens Mets at the University of Chicago

Mautusi Mitra at the University of West Georgia

James Moroney at Louisiana State University

Charlotte Omoto at Washington State University
videos showing flagellar action in wild type and mutants with various axonemal defects.

Lotte Pedersen at the University of Copenhagen

Yonghua Li-Beisson and Gilles Peltier at CEA (The French Atomic and Alternative Research Commission)

Mary Porter at the University of Minnesota

Lynne Quarmby at Simon Fraser University

Hongmin Qin at Texas A&M University

Jean-David Rochaix and Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont at the University of Geneva

Joel Rosenbaum at Yale University

Rüdiger Schmitt at Regensburg University

Barbara Sears at Michigan State University

Michael Seibert at NREL

Carolyn Silflow at the University of Minnesota

Elizabeth Smith at Dartmouth College

Bill Snell at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Nedra Wilson at Oklahoma State University

George Witman at U. Mass. Medical Center

Francis-André Wollman at the IBPC, Paris