Markers on Linkage Group XIX

Linkage Group Locus /Gene Name Probe, Gene or Gene Product References Accession #
XIX GP230 random genomic fragment This study  
XIX ATP2 ATP synthase mitochondrial F1 beta subunit Franzen and Falk (1992) X61624
XIX BAC 27e16 BAC end sequence This study  
XIX C4 genomic fragment W. Dentler, unpublished results  
XIX ODA3 genomic fragment Koutoulis et al. (1997) AF001309
XIX GP37 random genomic fragment This study  
XIX LC5 LC5, 14 kDa dynein light chain Patel - King et al. (1996) U43609
XIX ZYS 1B protein expressed during zygote formation Uchida et al., 1993 X76117
XIX GLE gamete lytic enzyme Kinoshito et al. (1992) D90503
XIX CNA37 cDNA corresponding to Lhcb4 This study; Teramoto et al. (2001) AB051211
XIX S926 cDNA, upregulated after deflagellation Schloss and Croom (1991) X62135
XIX UND7 genomic fragment Ferris and Goodenough, unpublished results  
XIX FLA10 kinesin-homologous protein Walther et al. (1994) L33697
XIX CPN60B1 chaperonin beta-like subunit Thompson et al. (1995) L27471

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