Markers on Linkage Group VII

Linkage Group Locus /Gene Name Probe, Gene or Gene Product References Accession #
VII GP205 random genomic fragment This study AF467706
VII AV396486 EST Asamizu et al. (1999) AV396486
VII F25 Class IV zygote-specific cDNA Ferris and Goodenough (1987)  
VII SFA SF-assemblin Lechtreck and Silflow (1997) U56982
VII VFL5 VFL5 gene K. Bode and C. Silflow, unpublished results  
VII IFT88 intraflagellar transport protein 88 Pazour et al. (2000) AF298884
VII ODA5 outer dynein arm protein M. Blomberg-Wirschell and G. Witman, unpublished results  
VII HEMA glutamyl-tRNA reductase R.D. Willows et al., unpublished results AF305613
VII GP332 random genomic fragment This study  
VII CNC43 cDNA corresponding to EST 1024039D03 This study BG854228
VII CRD1 copper response target 1 protein Moseley et al. (2000) AF226628
VII FA2 flagellar autotomy gene Mahjoub et al. (2002) AF479588

Last Updated on 12/11/02