Markers on Linkage Group VIII

Linkage Group Locus /Gene Name Probe, Gene or Gene Product References Accession #
VIII CNB2 cDNA corresponding to EST AV626610 This study AV626610
VIII LC7 LC7, 11 kDa dynein light chain Bowman et al. (1999) AF140239
VIII GP337 random genomic fragment This study  
VIII HSP70A 70 kDa heat shock protein Muller et al. (1992) M76725
VIII PSBQ OEE3 protein of photosystem II Mayfield et al. (1989) X13832
VIII VFL1 VFL1 gene Silflow et al. (2001) AF154916
VIII LI818 polypeptide related to CAB proteins Richard et al. (2000) X95326
VIII CNA50 cDNA corresponding to EST 833007A09 This study AW676510
VIII CNC66 cDNA fragment This study  
VIII MCA1 RNA stability factor A. Watson et al., unpublished results AF330231

Last Updated on 12/11/02