Markers on Linkage Group IX

Linkage Group Locus /Gene Name Probe, Gene or Gene Product References Accession #
IX ANT mitochondrial ADP/ATP translocator Sharpe and Day (1993) X65194
IX CNA47 cDNA corresponding to EST 1031051H10 This study BI997794
IX CNA38B cDNA fragment This study  
IX PPX1 protoporphyrinogen oxidase precursor Randolph-Anderson et al. (1998) AF068635
IX HSP70C 68 kDa heat shock protein von Gromoff et al. (1989)  
IX UNI2 UNI2 gene W-C. Wu and C. Silflow, unpublished results  
IX PF16 protein in C1 microtubule of flagellar central apparatus Smith and Lefebvre (1996) U40057
IX PSBO OEE1 protein of photosystem II Mayfield et al. (1989) X13826
IX GP35 random genomic fragment This study AF467704
IX GP209 random genomic fragment This study  
IX CNB6 cDNA corresponding to EST 1024027D07 This study BG849900
IX CNA36 cDNA fragment This study  
IX NIT1 nitrate reductase Fernandez et al. (1989) AH001336
IX CAH3 carbonic anhydrase, alpha type Funke et al. (1997) U73856
IX MBO2 MBO2 gene Tam and Lefebvre (2002) AF394181
IX MBB1 required for expression of psbB/psbT/psbH Vaistij et al. (2000) AJ296291
IX SC2 genomic fragment A. Nguyen and W. Dentler, unpublished results  

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