Please note!

Chlamy Center staff will be attending the Chlamy Conference in Kyoto, Japan June 26 – July 1, 2016.

Please place your orders for CLiP mutants before June 10 to ensure delivery prior to the conference.

Please place your orders for all other strains, plasmids and kits before June 17 to ensure delivery prior to the conference.

The Chlamy Center will resume processing cultures, plasmids, and kits after July 12. 

Thank you!

The Resource Center is funded by the National Science Foundation and located in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Minnesota. Our mission is to maintain and distribute materials for Chlamydomonas research and to provide information to researchers.

Chlamydomonas is a haploid unicellular eukaryote; each cell contains a chloroplast similar to those of plants and swims with two flagella (cilia) similar to those found in numerous other eukaryotic groups including mammals. In 2007, the haploid nuclear genome was sequenced and found to encode approximately 15,000 genes. The mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes also have been sequenced.

For more than 50 years, Chlamydomonas has served as a useful experimental system for genetics research on chloroplast biogenesis and function, flagellar assembly and motility, metabolic pathways (including lipid production), the circadian clock, and many other fundamental biological processes. Mutant strains generated in these studies are maintained and distributed by the Resource Center.