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Recipes for culture media
TAP, HS, Sager and Granick, 6xP, Hutner’s & Kropat’s trace elements
Chlamydomonas zone inhibition assay – without top agar plates (downloadable file)
from Nitya Subrahmanian and Andrew Castonguay
10-fold dilution series for assessing Chlamydomonas growth deficiencies (downloadable file)
from Nitya Subrahmanian and Andrew Castonguay
Triple cocktail antibiotic plates (downloadable file)
from Nitya Subrahmanian and Andrew Castonguay
Mating and tetrad separation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for genetic analysis
video by Xingshan Jiang and David Stern, published on-line, Journal of Visualized Experiments, August 12, 2009; PMID: 19684568
Laboratory protocols for molecular genetics of Chlamydomonas
EMBO Practical Course: Molecular Genetics of Chlamydomonas, Laboratory Protocols, 4-9 (2006)
ARG7 and Ble Marker for Nuclear Transformation
Saul Purton’s page
Hygromycin Resistance Vectors for Nuclear Transformation
from Peter Berthold and Wolfgang Mages
For information on commercially available antibodies to Chlamydomonas proteins, please contact Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund
Quick and Easy Genomic DNA Prep for PCR Analysis
from Steve Pollock
Cleaning Up Contaminated Cultures
discussion from bionet.chlamydomonas, several contributors
Isolating Chlamydomonas from Soil Samples
from Cliff Zeyl
Freezing Chlamydomonas Cells
from Dick Sayre; method involves methanol as cryoprotectant and storage in liquid nitrogen, the most effective protocol as yet developed
Encouraging Chlamydomonas Strains to Mate
from various contributors
Mating Type Tests in Multiwell Plates
from Andy Wang
Preparation of Gamete Autolysin
discussion from bionet.chlamydomonas, several contributors
Preparation of Gamete Autolysin
improved protocol, from Sabine Waffenschmidt May 2006
Chlamydomonas Cells Sticking to Glass
compiled by Tjibbe-Chris Kuipers for bionet.chlamydomonas; several contributors
Tris as N Source for Chlamydomonas?
compiled by Xavier Reboud for bionet.chlamydomonas; several contributors
Fixation Method for Mitotic Cells
from Peter Luykx
Minipreps of DNA from Chlamydomonas Cultures
compiled by Hank Latorella for bionet.chlamydomonas; several contributors
Transformation of Chlamydomonas with Glass Beads
from Karen Kindle
Improving Transformation Efficiencies
compiled by Roel Funke for bionet.chlamydomonas; several contributors
Problems Cutting Genomic DNA
from Cliff Zeyl
Antisense and Gene Expression
from Karen Kindle
PCR of Chlamydomonas Nuclear DNA
from Barbara Randolph-Anderson
Extraction of RNA from Chlamydomonas
from Takako Kato
Sequencing GC-Rich Nuclear DNA from Chlamydomonas
compiled by Emma Berta Gutierrez for bionet.chlamydomonas; several contributors
Transposon Insertions
compiled by Kris Niyogi for bionet.chlamydomonas; several contributors
Encouraging Stubborn Cells to Grow
from the Chlamy Center
My Cells Don’t Swim/Lack Flagella/Grow in Clumps
from Pete Lefebvre, Chlamy Center
Craig’s Chlamy Corner
This page by Craig Amundsen includes methods protocols used in the Lefebvre/Silflow laboratory at the University of Minnesota. These files were deleted by an overzealous administrator at that university, but fortunately were archived on the Wayback Machine. Some obsolete links have been removed, and we were unable to retrieve some image files, but the methods files were recovered.