Sunday, June 26, 2016 – Friday, July 1, 2016

From Hideya Fukuzawa:

The 17th Chlamydomonas meeting (website) will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan, on June 26-July 1, 2016. The plenary session will start on Sunday, June 26, in late afternoon. I also announce that satellite meeting on Photosynthesis will be held on July 1-2 at the Kyoto university.

Accommodation is available from the registration site of Chlamy2016:



Dear Colleagues,

The registration and accommodation site for the 17th International Congress on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas (Chlamy2016) in Kyoto JAPAN, Jun 26 – July 1, 2016, is open at the following website:


This conference covers research topics related with the following categories;

– Flagella assembly, Structure, Transport, Motility, Basal Bodies, Transition Zones,

– Photosynthesis, Photosystems, Electron transfer, Carbon acquisition,

– Light perception and responses, Chloroplast, Mitochondria, Golgi,

– Stress sensing, Acclimation, Cell signaling

– Sexual reproduction, Circadian rhythm, Cell cycle, Development,

– Algal biotechnology, Biofuel, Metabolism,

– Emerging technology, Genome editing

– Evolution, Chlamydomonadales / Volvocales,

– Omics and System biology.

The conference will begin on Sunday evening, June 26 with Keynote Addresses by Dr. Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont (Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland) and George Witman (Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School, USA) from 18:00 followed by a Welcome Reception and end on Friday, June 1.

This meeting brings together investigators and students from different fields, disciplines and geographic locations to discuss new approaches to major scientific problems. Do not miss this meeting where you can build relationships that are key to future collaborations. The sessions will be organized to maximize opportunities for interdisciplinary group discussion and will be complemented by poster sessions for detailed presentation of experimental work. Oral presentations will be selected on the basis of their contributions to the session topics and preference will be given to young researchers, for whom we believe this experience will be of special career significance. Workshop, one of the sessions, allows the exchange of information about techniques and resources of importance to the Chlamydomonas community. Invited lectures highlight topics of broad interest.

The tentative program:


Please pay attention to the deadlines and also to the fact that speakers will be selected based on the submitted abstracts for the twelve general sessions.

Looking forward to see you and enjoy scientific communication in Kyoto!

Hideya Fukuzawa, Yuichiro Takahashi, and Jun Minagawa