B-Series CLiP Collection


The B-Series CLiP Collection (called the B-series for “Best”), consists of more than 13,000 mutants selected from the Jonikas CLiP collection as having a confidence level of 1 or 2 and an insertion in either the CDS and/or intron region of genes. The mutants are supplied on 9 high-density (1536 colony/plate) agar plates. Users can screen plates individually for phenotypes of interest (for example acetate auxotrophy, high light sensitivity, etc.) if they have access to a replication robot. Alternatively, users can pool the mutants from one or all of the plates, subject them to a competitive growth assay in different media or different conditions, and then identify by sequencing those mutants that were selected under desired conditions. Users can replicate the plates for their own research, but only for use in their own laboratories.

Plates will be available for a cost of $2,000 for the set. This resource is not provided as a low-cost way of ordering multiple mutants, but rather for phenotypic screening. Therefore, the key to the identity of individual mutants on the plates will not be provided. As strains of interest are chosen using phenotypic screens or pooled growth experiments, the user can contact the CRC to determine the identity of each mutant. The fee will be $20 for each mutant identity requested. Alternatively, if users prefer to obtain a new slant of mutants of interest they can be obtained from the CRC for half price ($50 vs. $100, up to 100 mutants ordered, plus shipping) after purchase of the screening plates. Prices are 5x for industry/commercial users.

When you receive the plates, please inspect them carefully. Remove any large condensation droplets from the lid that can occur during shipping. Keep them wrapped in parafilm and put them in a plastic box upon arrival to slow desiccation of the plate. We will replace any problem plates free-of-charge within 2 weeks of receipt. Send a photo of the damaged plate to Matt Laudon immediately. For best results, you should conduct your experiments using the library no more than 2 weeks after delivery. Replacement plates are $250 each plus shipping two weeks after receipt.

Because of maintenance and replication factors, please be aware there will be a small number of empty positions on the arrayed plates. Plates will be shipped approximately 3 weeks after orders are received.

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