32nd Western Photosynthesis Conference will take place January 5-8th, 2023 in Bodega Bay, CA

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to inform you that the 32nd Western Photosynthesis Conference will take place January 5-8, 2023 in Bodega Bay, CA!

We will have a great line-up of invited speakers and themed sessions (see below). For more, please visit,

Hope to see you there!
Patrick Shih (UC Berkeley) and Setsuko Wakao (LBNL)

Invited Speakers
Woodward Fischer (Caltech)
Junko Yano (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Jonathan Zehr (University of California Santa Cruz)
Asaph Cousins (Washington State University)
Laura Gunn (Cornell University)
Frances Houle (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Jennifer Johnson (Carnegie Science)
Berkley Walker (Michigan State University)

Session Themes
I. Structure-Function Relations in Photosynthesis
II. Electron Transfer and Organization of Photosynthetic Complexes
III. Applied/Artificial Photosynthesis and Bioenergy
IV. Global Ecology and Plant Physiology
V. Genomes and Evolution of Photosynthesis
VI. Carbon Fixation and Central Carbon Metabolism