BAC library is OK

From Olivier Vallon, IBPC, Paris:

Recently, concerns were raised about possible plate swaps in the BAC library distributed by Clemson University Genomics Institute and sequenced by JGI under the accessions PTQ….

While the copy #23 received by the Paris group indeed suffers from plate swaps, this seems to be due to a one-time error of the robotics, and NOT to a general mixup at Clemson or at the JGI. Several other labs have now confirmed that their copy of the library does NOT show the problems reported by the Paris group. Clemson also sequenced some of their BAC ends, and they find that all their copies of the library are OK and consistent with JGI’s sequencing.

The Paris group wishes to apologize to Clemson, JGI and the Chlamy community for needlessly creating these concerns. And to thank their colleagues who took the time to check their records and investigate the question. Please disregard the previous post and keep using the library with confidence. In case you experience difficulties in retrieving the expected clone, you may want to explore the possibility of a plate swap, but there is no need to worry a priori.

The BAC conversion Excel file has been changed accordingly, and the new and approved version can be downloaded here.

Signed: Olivier Vallon, Katia Wostrikoff Carolyn Silflow, Pete Lefebvre, David Mitchell, Susan Dutcher, Andrea Plecenikova