Genomics updates

Dear Chlamydomnas Researcher,

In order to make effective use of the growing amount of Chlamydomonas sequence data, stronger ties are needed between the genomics groups and the experimental researchers. The genomics groups propose regular updates on our progress and how data is being made available (you are currently reading the first such update). Secondly, there will be new releases of gene sets about every six months.

The new gene models with stable identifiers from release to release are being generated by the Augustus gene predictor (Mario Stanke, Erik Hom, Chun Liang which takes available evidence into account when making gene models. Other browsers are already available for ESTs ( and proteomics (links will be posted soon). We will be working to integrate resources as much as possible.

The current JGI browser ( will no longer be developed and the home for browsing and analysing Chlamydomonas genome data will be the Phytozome comparative genomics portal, where there is already a Chlamydomonas homepage ( and gbrowser (Browse Genome link), with data from the old JGI browser being added over the next few weeks. Importantly, there is a tutorial for the new browser is available at

More soon.

Best wishes,

The self-appointed Chlamydomonas genomics commitee with the following areas of expertise:-

Advisory: Elizabeth Harris, David Stern, George Witman, Sabeeha Merchant, Arthur Grossman, Olivier Vallon, Simon Prochnik

Annotation: Mario Stanke, Erik Hom, Lukas Mueller, Simon Prochnik, Olivier Vallon, Elizabeth Harris

Transcriptomics: Matteo Pellegrini, Sabeeha Merchant, Chun Liang, Simon Prochnik