Invitation To 2nd International Plant and Algal Phenomics Meeting

We are very proud to invite you to the SECOND INTEGRATED PLANT AND ALGAL PHENOMICS MEETING (IPAP), to be held this year in the beautiful and historic city of Praguebetween September 4th and 7th.

The conference will focus on the rapidly expanding field of high throughput plant and algal phenotyping, and will feature an excellent program with speakers presenting data from laboratory and field studies derived using a variety of phenotyping platforms and techniques.

A key feature of the conference will center on the challenges of integrating data from imaging sensors and environmental sensors to predict the responses of plant and algae to changing environments, and how data collected under controlled conditions in the growth room and greenhouse may help to predict the growth patterns of plants in the field. Experimental protocols, image acquisition, environmental sensing and control, data analysis and trait elucidation will be considered in relation to the application of plant phenotyping to the acceleration of breeding programs for agronomically important crops, and the selection of algal strains for high yielding commercial cultures.


Mark Tester, Head of the Center for Desert Agriculture, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Tracy Lawson, Director of Plant Phenomics Lab, University of Essex, UK

Stephen A. Rolfe, Dept. Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK

John Doonan, Aberystwyth University, National Plant Phenomics Center, UK

Esa Tyystjärvi, Molecular Plant Biology and Plant Biophysics, University of Turku, Finland

Imre Vass, Director of the Institute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Centre, Szeged, Hungary

Thomas Altman, Head of Molecular Genetics Group, IPK Gatersleben, Germany

Roberto Tuberosa, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy


Conference delegates will be given the opportunity to visit the new plant phenotyping center near Brno, designed, built and operated by Photon Systems Instruments (PSI). This state of the art center is located in the beautiful Moravian countryside, and incorporates novel technologies for numerous aspects of lab and field phenotyping. The center will offer complete phenotyping services, as well as allow visiting scientists to conduct proof-of-concept experiments. The PSI facility also houses a research center for the study of algal physiology and biotechnology, with numerous large and small scale photobioreactors of various designs.

The IPAP Meeting will occur very soon after the EUCARPIA meeting to be held in Zurich between August 29th and September 1st, allowing delegates to attend both meetings and to spend several days in two of Europe’s most beguiling cities.

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We look forward to welcoming you in Prague.

With kind regards,

Klara Panzarova and Steve Hunt

IPAP 2016, Organising Committee