Job Posting in Microalgal Molecular Biology, Bielefeld University

PhD Position (36 months) in the field of Microalgal Molecular Biology within a DFG-funded research project.

The project start is scheduled for 05/2016. Microalgal cells are constantly challenged by a fluctuating availability of carbon sources and light, which requires an adjustment of the light-harvesting antenna associated with photosystem II (LHCII). We identified the cytosolic translation repressor NAB1 as a key factor implicated in long-term acclimation responses, which target the antenna of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. NAB1-mediated control of LHCII protein synthesis is fine-tuned on various levels, including the activation/repression of its nuclear promoter and the modulation of repressor activity based on protein S-nitrosylation. The PhD project will be dedicated to the elucidation of intracellular signaling mechanisms controlling NAB1 promoter activity and its repressor activity via chloroplast signals. Specifically, intended work will include the identification of transcriptions factors binding the NAB1 promoter and an analysis of the redox-crosstalk between chloroplast and cytosol that regulates the S-nitrosylation of NAB1. Furthermore, NAB1 will be used as a tool to characterize the interconnection between short- and long-term light acclimation mechanisms. The project includes research visits at the laboratory of Dr. Stephane Lemaire at the CNRS/Paris.   

Your qualifications:

  • Excellent Master degree or equivalent in Biology, Molecular Biology or Biochemistry
  • Strong background in protein biochemistry (protein purification techniques; MS-based protein identification) and molecular biology (cloning; gene knock-down techniques; mRNA/protein quantification)
  • Good command of the English language and high level of motivation

Your benefits:

  • The excellent infrastructure of the Center for Biotechnology at Bielefeld University with a superb working environment in which you have great opportunities to develop your ideas and accomplish your scientific goals in an international research group.
  • The participation in workshops and conferences.

Bielefeld University is committed to support equal opportunity; we encourage applications from qualified women and persons with disabilities.

Your application:

Please send CV (including transcripts & certificates), personal statement of research background & motivation and the name and contact details of two referees as one pdf document per email to: Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse, Bielefeld University; Dep. of Biology/CeBiTec; Chair of Algae Biotechnology & Bioenergy; Application deadline is 15.04.2016.