CuteChlamyEncouraging Stubborn Cells to Grow

From Matt Laudon, Chlamy Center

First, make sure that you are using the appropriate media. Does it need acetate, arginine or any other amendments or supplements? Also, Chlamy should never be kept below 16°C.

If there are cells left on the mini slant, add ~400 µl of media to the vial and place under the appropriate illumination for 3-10 days until the cells have grown into the liquid. It is a good idea to gently shake the vial 1-2 times a day to help the cells dislodge from the agar. Then, pipette the cells onto a Petri plate containing media + agar. Do not spread it over the entire plate; try to keep it in a concentrated area (~4-6 cm diameter). Allow the liquid media to soak into the agar and keep under the appropriate growth conditions for 1-2 weeks.