TAP and Tris-minimal* recipes

[Gorman, D.S., and R.P. Levine (1965) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 54, 1665-1669]


Stock solutions for 1 L of TAP media (adjust final pH to 7.0)

1M Tris base   (e.g. Trizma)      20 ml

Phosphate Buffer II                   1.0 ml

Solution A                                   10.0 ml

Hutner’s trace elements          1.0 ml

Glacial acetic acid                     1.0 ml

*For Tris-minimal medium omit the acetic acid and titrate the final solution to pH 7.0 with HCl


Phosphate Buffer II (for 100 ml)

K2HPO4               10.8 g

KH2PO4               5.6 g


Solution A (for 500 ml)

NH4Cl                   20 g

MgSO4-7H2O       5 g

CaCl2-2H2O         2.5 g

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