Molecular Markers for Map-Based Cloning

One of the goals of the current Chlamydomonas genome project is to saturate the genome with molecular markers, which can be used for map-based cloning or other genetic studies. Thanks to earlier work from the Mets, Dutcher and Silflow/Lefebvre laboratories, supplemented by our own, we compiled a list of 526 markers as recently published in Plant Physiology (

We are now pleased to provide with the community with a large number of additional markers, giving an estimated total of 9,300. These are of several types, but all are based on PCR. Each marker is linked to a specific location on a genome scaffold, and primer sequences and annealing conditions are given. A representative number of each marker type has been tested, leading to the estimate of 9,300 markers which will perform correctly in mapping experiments using S1-D2 polymorphisms with laboratory strains.

Please see the web page for further information. We hope the community will take advantage of these resources to further our understanding of Chlamydomonas biology.