More mutants and new information on the confidence level of insertions are available at since 11/22/2016

We have now released ~16,000 additional mutants. At this time, ~54,000 mutants are available, containing ~80,000 insertions, covering 80% of the Chlamydomonas genome!

In addition, we have categorized the insertion junctions that we mapped into three confidence levels and determined the probability of correct mapping for each level. The probability (95%, 73%, or 58%) is now included in the “feature” slot, which can be found on the insertion junction page and will also appear in search results. Note that these percentages are based on PCR validation of a number of randomly chosen mutants in each category, so each mutant ordered must still be verified by PCR before being used!! Please see the FAQ on the website and direct technical questions to the The Chlamy Mutant Library team (link sends e-mail to and ordering questions to Matt Laudon (link sends e-mail to

A manuscript describing the pilot collection is here (link is external: Most of the mutants available (specifically, mutants labeled LMJ.RY0402.******) are from a second generation library, still unpublished and not described in this manuscript, but for practical purposes the manuscript should serve as a good guide. Please disseminate this information broadly to your colleagues, even those not currently using Chlamy. We hope that this resource will help advance many fields.

Best wishes,

The Chlamy Mutant Library team at Princeton University, Carnegie Institution for Science and the University of Minnesota