New opportunity for screening the CLiP collection

In response to a number of requests from users, the Chlamydomonas Resource Center is offering users a chance to screen a large collection of the most valuable mutants in the Jonikas CLiP library for traits of interest. The B-Series CLiP Collection (called the B-series for “Best”), consists of more than 13,000 mutants selected as having a confidence level of 1 or 2 and an insertion in either the CDS and/or intron region of genes (thanks to Weronika Patena in the Martin Jonikas laboratory for identifying these mutants). The mutants will be supplied on 9 high-density (1536 colony/plate) agar plates. Users will be able to screen the plates individually for phenotypes of interest (for example acetate auxotrophy, high light sensitivity, etc.) if they have access to a replication robot. Alternatively, users can pool the mutants from one or all of the plates, subject them to a competitive growth assay in different media or different conditions, and then identify by sequencing those mutants that were selected under desired conditions. Users can replicate the plates for their own research, but only for use in their own laboratories. For more details or to place an order for the B-series, click here.