Post-doctoral position in Hamel laboratory

A 2-year postdoctoral position to perform multi-disciplinary and collaborative research pertaining to the conversion of carbon dioxide and plant waste biomass to advanced biofuels by photosynthetic microbes is available in the Hamel laboratory with close interaction with the North group at Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio). The future hire will conduct experiments related to protein and metabolic engineering, microbial growth, and feedstock conversion into advanced biofuels, including hydrogen and ethylene. This includes genetic manipulation of green microalgae and purple photosynthetic bacteria; in vivo and in vitro enzymology and spectroscopy; liquid and gas chromatography and 13C/14C targeted metabolomics, and proteomics.  Required: The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. in molecular genetics, microbiology, or related field, and have experience in microbial culturing and genetics techniques. Candidates should contact Dr. Hamel to enquire about the position (