Postdoc or PhD position in metabolism and regulation

The group of Yonghua Li-Beisson at CEA Cadarache, Aix-Marseille University offers two postdoc or one PhD/one Postdoc position starting spring or summer 2021.

Research areas

Microalgae are promising sources for production of renewable energies.  Our group focus on the study of algal photosynthesis, lipid and hydrocarbon metabolism and aims to dissect major pathways and their regulations on energy conversion and storage in the model microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Currently, we have several project possibilities: one is on regulation aspects of carbon storage and lipid synthesis; and a second one focus on the study of lipid droplet biogenesis and turnover. Nevertheless, depending on the background of the candidates, we are also open to project proposals and new ideas as long as that fits in the general context of the group.


Talented and highly motivated candidates with a PhD or master degree in metabolism, biochemistry or cell biology are encouraged to apply. Experience in working with Chlamydomonas is a plus. French is not compulsory, but good English language skills are expected.

What we offer

We offer an exciting and highly interactive working environment with several PIs in a research group addressing fundamental questions in algal biology. The postdoc or student will be supported and trained by expert technical staff and state-of-the-art instruments on algal physiology, photosynthesis and lipidomics are available to all members of the group (through in-house HelioBiotec platform). The position is funded by French National grant (ANR) and by internal funding from the CEA. Group information:


Please send your CV and cover letter with the contact information of three referees to The position is open until filled.