Postdoctoral Fellow Position in systems biology of photosynthesis

The newly opened Burlacot labat the Carnegie Institution for Science (Stanford) is looking for one postdoc to study the response of Chlamydomonas to light fluctuations. Our lab aims to understand the acclimation of photosynthesis to environmental fluctuations and the dynamics of the molecular mechanisms involved. The questions that our lab aims to address are: How are microalgae dynamically reacting to environmental fluctuations? How do molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis dynamically interact to optimize cell survival and growth under fluctuating conditions? How do the different time scales of photosynthetic energy transfers combine at various time scales of light fluctuations? What genes are important for acclimation to such fluctuations? Can we modify key enzymes to make photosynthesis more robust to some environments?

This position will involve developing high throughput screening systems for photosynthesis quantification in hundreds of mutants simultaneously and quantitative analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence. For more information about the lab : , more information about the position can be found here :