Postdoctoral positions in the Petroutsos lab

We are looking for dynamic, self-motivated, team-oriented postdoctoral researchers, to investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in the sensing and response of green microalgae to changes in light and CO2 availability, and in the regulation of photosynthetic CO2 capture and partitioning ( We offer three postdoctoral positions to conduct research on the model green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with the aim of:

i. Revealing the signalling role of CO2 in a recently discovered pathway that controls light-responsive gene expression in the complete absence of light (funded by the Swedish Research Council).

ii. Enhancing phototrophic growth by using metabolic engineering to modify transcription factors (funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation).

iii. Engineering light signalling pathways to generate microalgae that co-produce starch and hydrogen (funded by Horizon Europe).

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