CC-400 cw15 mt+


From K.-S. Chiang, University of Chicago, originally from S.J. Surzycki; brought to Duke by David Grant ca. 1978

Phenotype: wall deficient

This is the most widely used wall-deficient mutant, and this mutation is present in many strains in the Chlamydomonas Resource Center collection. Davies characterized it as a mutant in his class C, defined as mutants in which cell walls are absent or produced in greatly reduced quantity compared to wild type.

Wall-deficient mutants form flat, liquid colonies on agar, and the cells lyse in a 1% solution of the nonionic detergent NP-40.

This is an isolate derived by David Grant from a cw15 stock obtained from S.J. Surzycki, while David was in Chiang’s lab.

The original stock required 0.2% sodium acetate for growth in liquid and was quite sensitive to pH and/or CO2; this single clone isolate does not require acetate and is not sensitive.

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