CC-4533 cw15 mt- [Jonikas CMJ030]


From Martin Jonikas (Carnegie) via Pete Lefebvre, U of MN, July 2012

This strain is a haploid progeny from a cross between 4A- (Dent, Haglund, Chin, Kobayashi, Niyogi, Plant Physiology 2005) and D66+ (Schnell and Lefebvre, Genetics 1993). It was selected from the progeny because it has a number of desirable properties: recovers well from cryogenic storage, electroporates well, mates well, grows well in the dark, grows well photoautotrophically, appears to have a functional carbon concentrating mechanism, does not clump much in liquid culture, swims normally and does not adhere much to glass.

This is the background strain used in the Chlamydomonas Library Project (