From Martin Jonikas, Princeton University, April 2017

cMJ030 expressing pLM005-Cre09.g403900-Venus-3xFLAG

The Chlamydomonas Spatial Interactome (CSI) collection was generated by Luke Mackinder/Martin Jonikas. The collection contains strains expressing a single Venus YFP tagged protein (CSI_FC prefix) or two different tagged proteins: Venus YFP and mCherry (CSI_DT prefix).

Target genes, primarily implicated in the Chlamydomonas CCM, were cloned into the pLM005 (Venus) or pLM006 (mCherry) vectors and transformed into strain cMJ030 (CC-4533). Lines were then selected for positive fluorescence. Further details are available in the below publications and at https://chlamylibrary.org .

To minimize silencing we recommend propagating the CSI_FC strains on paromomycin and the CSI_DT strains on paromomycin and hygromycin.

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