Release of v5.6 annotation

The last version of the annotation is now publicly available on The url to reach a gene directly can be obtained by adding the locus name after (e.g., The gene models are unchanged compared to v5.5, but the annotation has been updated, including changes in gene symbols and aliases, a new “comments” field, the results of several large scale analyses contributed by our colleagues and a novel display of the automatic functional annotation. You will also notice the appearance in Phytozome of a few additional algae for comparison purposes.

When version 12 of Phytozome is retired (in the fall), the link will take you to this annotation, but in the meantime, change your bookmarks!

A fasta files where “definitions” have been entered in the deflines is available for download at

Feedback on the annotation can be directed to Olivier Vallon <>

Landing page for Chlamydomonas: