This is an Excel file that will convert the BAC sequence numbers used by JGI to the BAC clone names used in the BAC library, and in the maps prepared by the Silflow/Lefebvre lab.

To use the file, take the four-digit number from the JGI BAC name:

e.g. PTQ5610.x1 becomes 5610

and enter that number into the first column of the sheet “read to well”. It will display the matching BAC library number in the second column. You can also perform the reverse calculation in the sheet “well to read”.

download the Excel file

From Katia Wostrikoff and Olivier Vallon, IBPC, Paris, September 2012:

Please note that this file has been corrected for a small calculation mistake present in the previous file BAC_converter2.xls.

The old BAC_converter2 file will remain downloadable here for reference purposes:

old version of the file