This table and fasta file represent the latest version of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii expert annotation. The underlying sequences are those of version 5.5, but the functional annotation has been curated based on the input of many experts. In addition to the gene symbol and definition fields (which have been entered in the fasta defline), the table holds fields for PMIDs of references pertaining to the Chlamydomonas gene; aliases (alternative or previously used gene symbols); comments on function or gene organization; possible 5′-extension of the CDS; experimentally determined interactants; intracellular targeting prediction by Predalgo or TargetP; predicted transmembrane helices; presence in a co-expression cluster; presence in the microalgae transcription factor database; peptides identified in the Flagellar proteome database.

We apologize in advance for any error or omission: genome annotation is a never-ending process. We count on users to provide feedback and hope to soon provide a web interface for updates and corrections.

Olivier VALLON, Sabeeha MERCHANT, Ian BLABY and the Chlamydomonas research community, July 2018.