Two postdoc positions available in the Jonikas lab

From Martin Jonikas:

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are well.

I’m recruiting 2 postdocs on grant-funded positions to study the pyrenoid, a mysterious phase-separated organelle that mediates a third of global CO2 fixation and that we aim to engineer into crops to dramatically increase yields. We have spearheaded the molecular characterization of the pyrenoid, defined its protein composition, discovered that it is a liquid-like organelle, and characterized the structure and biogenesis of one of its three sub-compartments, the matrix.

Projects are available in a broad range of areas, including the following:

– Membrane tubules feed the pyrenoid with concentrated CO2. How are these structures made, and how do they work?

– How are the pyrenoid’s three sub-compartments – the matrix, the tubules, and the starch sheath – assembled together?

– Engineer a functional pyrenoid into a pyrenoid-less alga as a key first step toward its functional reconstitution in land plants.

– Develop cutting-edge omics tools to advance our understanding of thousands of poorly-characterized genes in photosynthetic organisms.

– Develop oceanic algae for atmospheric CO2 sequestration.


Our lab has a strong track record of launching postdocs onto independent careers in academia and industry. For more information, please see

To apply: Please send to a CV with contact information for three references and a cover letter addressing the questions: 1) What questions are you most excited about? 2) How would working on them help launch you onto your future career goals? and 3) How do you see your skills and experience synergizing with the lab?


Many thanks, and best wishes,