Volvox carteri genome at JGI

The Joint Genome Institute is pleased to announce the public release of the Volvox carteri genome. Our annotation includes the 1265 scaffolds and 138 Mbp of the 8.1x assembly and we predicted 15,544 genes, with the following average properties:

Gene length 5269 nt
Transcript length 1833 nt
Protein length 558 aa
Exon frequency 7.78 exons per gene
Exon length 235.59 nt
Intron length 508.53 nt
Gene density 112.64 genes/Mbp scaffold

The genes were predicted by the following methods:

Known genes 143 (1%)
Homology-based 3,645 (23%)
ab initio 11,756 (76%)
Total models 15,544

The genes were validated by the following evidence:

ESTs 5,356 (34%)
Swissprot hit 9,944 (64%)
Pfam hit 2,733 (18%)
manually curated 844 (0.5%)

The annotation may be browsed, searched and downloaded at the /Volvox carteri/ (database name Volca1) portal: (Please use this url when referring to the portal in publications)

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Astrid Terry
Genome Analyst
DOE Joint Genome Institute