CC-5393 ∆PHOT-G5 mt+ [PH22]


Deposited by Boris Zorin, Peter Hegemann lab, Humboldt University-Berlin, February 2018

This is a phototropin disruption strain, generated with single stranded DNA.

Background strain              CC-4350
Nuclease                                no
Marker                                    pAPHVIII
Target gene                           Phototropin, PHOT, Cre03.g199000

Overview of other strains from the Hegemann lab
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This strain is no longer available. If other ∆phot strains are needed, please see the other phototropin (PHOT) disruption strains:

in CC-125:  CC-5391 ∆PHOT-C41 [PH13], CC-5392 ∆PHOT-B5 [PH15]
in SAG11-32b: CC-5429 ∆PHOT-A5 [PH135], CC-5430 ∆PHOT-A7 [PH136]

Zorin B, Lu Y, Sizova I, Hegemann P (2009) Nuclear gene targeting in Chlamydomonas as exemplified by disruption of the PHOT gene. Gene 432(1-2):91-6

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