The Chlamydomonas Genome Project includes a molecular mapping component, under direction of Drs. Carolyn Silflow and Paul Lefebvre at the University of Minnesota. The tables presented here show the molecular probes used to create the molecular maps of C. reinhardtii, BAC clones that have been associated with each linkage group, and contigs created by overlapping BACs.

index to all markers

tool to interpret JGI BAC sequence numbers

All the maps were revised in June 2006 to include scaffold positions in the v3 genome assembly. A few other corrections were made, notably on linkage groups VII and XII/XIII. The maps have not been updated with later assembly data.

Linkage Group I/Chromosome 1
Linkage Group II/Chromosome 2
Linkage Group III/Chromosome 3
Linkage Group IV/Chromosome 4
Linkage Group V/Chromosome 5
Linkage Group VI/Chromosome 6
Linkage Group VII/Chromosome 7
Linkage Group VIII/Chromosome 8
Linkage Group IX/Chromosome 9
Linkage Group X/Chromosome 10
Linkage Group XI/Chromosome 11
Linkage Group XII/XIII/Chromosome 12
Linkage Group XIV/Chromosome 13
Linkage Group XV/Chromosome 14
Linkage Group XVI/XVII/Chromosome 15
Linkage Group XVIII/Chromosome 16
Linkage Group XIX/Chromosome 17