Chlamy mutant library, update

Dear Chlamy community, We have set up another opportunity for labs who haven’t yet received a mutant from the pilot collection to obtain one [see previous announcement below, posted in December]. If you are interested, please see the website below and use the form at the bottom to submit a request by June 23rd, 2014. … Continued

Batch conversion of Chlamydomonas gene identifiers

The tool for converting batches of Chlamydomonas gene identifiers between different annotation versions has been updated to include all versions from JGI v3 onwards. The tool is available here: The versions that can be converted are JGI v3, v4, v4.3 (Augustus u10.2), v5.3.1, v5.5 as well as Augustus u5 and u9 and GenBank accessions … Continued

Chlamy mutant library

Dear Chlamy community, Thanks to letters of support from many of you, the Chlamy mutant library project is now well underway, and we currently have a pilot collection covering ~10% of all genes. While the paper is still a ways away, we have received many requests for collaborative distribution of individual mutants before we publish. … Continued

BAC library is OK

From Olivier Vallon, IBPC, Paris: Recently, concerns were raised about possible plate swaps in the BAC library distributed by Clemson University Genomics Institute and sequenced by JGI under the accessions PTQ…. While the copy #23 received by the Paris group indeed suffers from plate swaps, this seems to be due to a one-time error of … Continued

BAC library debugged

From Katia Wostrikoff and Olivier Vallon, IBPC, Paris: While trying to complement mutations in specific regions of the genome using the BAC library from the Silflow/Lefebvre labs, we have come to realize that for many plates, the sequences indicated by the JGI browser ( were not correct. We have systematically sequenced BAC ends from all … Continued

Paris photosynthesis mutants collection

From Olivier Vallon: The collection of photosynthesis mutants of the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique in Paris is made available to the Chlamydomonas research community. This collection includes about 500 strains generated in our laboratory, mostly single mutants but also double or triple mutants, all with rigorously verified phenotypes. The stocks are stored in liquid nitrogen … Continued

Version 5 genome assembly

Dear Chlamy Community, The JGI is pleased to announce the release of Chlamydomonas assembly version 5. This assembly represents a substantial improvement over version 4 and is the result of an effort led by Jane Grimwood and Jeremy Schmutz at HudsonAlpha with help from several members of the Community. Highlights of this assembly include: contig … Continued