These maps were prepared by Silflow/Lefebvre at the University of Minnesota and represent the status of the molecular mapping project, as of August 2002. They have been invaluable in identifying previously mapped genes in the genomic sequence. The molecular map was based on a set of 136 random progeny from a cross between the usual laboratory strain of C. reinhardtii (Smith 137C, isolated in Massachusetts in 1945) and the Minnesota isolate S1D2 (Gross et al., 1988). The molecular markers include RFLPs identified in random clones and in specific genes or cDNAs contributed by researchers, and sequence tagged site (STS) markers.

Kathir et al. (2003). A molecular map of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii nuclear genome. Eukaryot. Cell 2, 362-379.
Gross et al. (1988). Extensive restriction fragment length polymorphisms in a new isolate of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Curr. Genet. 13, 503-508

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The Markers links give information on the loci used as markers on each linkage group.

Linkage Group I/Chromosome 1 Image markers I
Linkage Group II/Chromosome 2 Image markers II
Linkage Group III/Chromosome 3 Image markers III
Linkage Group IV/Chromosome 4 Image markers IV
Linkage Group V/Chromosome 5 Image markers V
Linkage Group VI/Chromosome 6 Image markers VI
Linkage Group VII/Chromosome 7 Image markers VII
Linkage Group VIII/Chromosome 8 Image markers VIII
Linkage Group IX/Chromosome 9 Image markers IX
Linkage Group X/Chromosome 10 Image markers X
Linkage Group XI/Chromosome 11 Image markers XI
Linkage Group XII/XIII/Chromosome 12 Image markers XII/XIII
Linkage Group XIV/Chromosome 13 Image markers XIV
Linkage Group XV/Chromosome 14 Image markers XV
Linkage Group XVI/XVII/Chromosome 15 Image markers XVI/XVII
Linkage Group XVIII/Chromosome 16 Image markers XVIII
Linkage Group XIX/Chromosome 17 Image markers XIX